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Thanks for your interest in auditioning for the GOLDEN TALENT MINE - a community talent show with a twist! 

The beginning of the show will feature acts from all schools supported by the Golden Schools Foundation as well as the Colorado School of Mines. After intermission we welcome the talent from our Golden community and finally we will blend all performers for a fantastic opening and closing extravaganza!

The goal of the show is to have fun while building community, 

promoting cultural/fine arts programs and showcasing Golden’s performers!  


All performers will receive two comp tickets to the show, a T-shirt, and a catered meal on show day.


[Please note -- a wide variety of acts is optimal and the show has time constraints.  If your act is not chosen, we hope you understand our dilemma and we encourage you to audition next year and/or check the “VOLUNTEER BACKSTAGE” box on this form.]


  1. All performers need to have a Golden connection (school, work, residence, etc.)

  2. All performers must fill out and sign a contract.

  3. All performers must attend mandatory rehearsals.

  4. Performers in grades K-8 must be accompanied by an adult to rehearsals and shows. [1adult/5students max.]

  5. Internet access may be needed to get rehearsal and show information.

  6. Inappropriate or uncooperative behavior may result in dismissal from the show, and/or loss of profit sharing for the school.

  7. No act can be changed from the initial audition without permission from the Director.

  8. All parts of the act (words, costumes, props, choreography) must be appropriate as deemed by the Production Team.

  9. All recorded music for acts must be provided to the Production Team in the mp3 format either in person or by email to

  10. All acts will have a maximum of 45 seconds to set up and 45 seconds to tear down.

  11. All acts will be under three minutes - at three minutes the music will fade out and/or the curtain will close. 

  12. Lip syncing is highly discouraged unless accompanied by choreography.

  13. The maximum size of any group is 8.

  14. All performers agree to allow their name/images/videos be used for promotion and publicity.

  15. When not on stage, performers must be seated quietly in the green room (backstage) or the designated area in the auditorium. 

  16. Phones must be muted at all times and can only be used in the green room.

I will be prepared to audition on Thursday AUGUST 24th OR submit my online video submission before SEPTEMBER 7th.


I will be at the school and ready to perform. I will attend ALL dates or my act will be eliminated from the talent show.

These dates include: 

  • Audition on Thursday, AUGUST 24th. (Video Submissions accepted before SEPTEMBER 7th).

  • One ACT Rehearsal MANDATORY - dates TBD and scheduled through Sign-UpGenius.

  • Full Cast DRESS Rehearsal -  TBD, likely Thursday or Friday OCTOBER 5th or 6th (at GHS).

  • The BIG Show & Rehearsals on Saturday, OCTOBER 7th. Call time at 3pm. (rehearsal, cast dinner, call, doors, show!)


If you are chosen to be in the show, you will have to behave appropriately on stage AND in the audience. We understand that some elements of performing in the show may be unplanned or spontaneous due to the crowd, but as a performer you are expected to be appropriate at all times. By signing below you agree that you will be true to your commitment as a performer, if chosen; and that you will act appropriately on stage during the show AND in the audience during the show.


I understand, during auditions, dress rehearsal, and talent show, I will abide by the RULES and REQUIREMENTS. At any time that I do not adhere to the rules I will be DISQUALIFIED and WILL NOT be able to participate in the audition, dress rehearsal or talent show. It is an honor to participate in the Golden Talent Mine BIG Show and I promise to represent myself, my family and my community to the best of my ability.

Register Below:

Are you able to help out backstage?
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By signing below, I understand and agree to the above
Rules, Requirements, and Schedule.

[Parents/Guardians - I have discussed this information with my child performer.]

Performers in grades K-8 MUST be accompanied by an adult to all rehearsals and shows.
One adult per five kids.

Email will be the preferred method of communication.

Thanks for registering.

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